​We prefer to keep things original  but forty years on the road take their toll and some things have to be changed.  Dita may be original vintage on the outside but inside she's a modern girl! As her original engine was beyond repair we treated her to a brand new, up to date version thanks to which she can be trusted not to let us down. 

Not everyone appreciates vintage like we do and somewhere down the road Dita's interior had been completely removed. We lovingly renovated and finished her to the highest standard, only the best for our girl! and now she has a beautiful biscuit upholstered interior with co-ordinating seat-belts, natural wood flooring and even some discreet LED lighting.

Dita can fit three along her main bench which combined with her bespoke ‘buddy’ seat and the front passenger seat allows her to carry five in style. Her build in unit incorporates a discreet champagne bucket, ideal to celebrate your special day.

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Fun facts about 1971, Dita's birth year

1. Apollo 14 landed on the Moon

2. The United Kingdom & Ireland switched to decimal currency

3. Evel Knievel set a world record by jumping 19 cars in Ontario, California

4. Jackie Stewart became Formula One World Drivers Champion in a Tyrell 003-Cosworth

5. Greenpeace was founded in Vancouver, Canada

6. Hot Love by T-Rex topped the UK charts for 6 weeks

7. You could buy a dozen eggs for 23p and fill your car up for 7p a litre

8. The top grossing film in the US was Fiddler on the Roof which earned $75,600

9. Ewan McGregor & David Tenant were born

10. Dame Judi Dench married fellow actor Michael Williams


A classy lady all the way from USA.  Dita is a 1971 Bay Window Campervan who spent a good long life enjoying starry nights and long road trips in the deserts of Arizona before we fell in love with her and brought her to the UK. 
Dita is Pastel White and after 40 years her paint remains 100% original, these days that’s a very rare and special thing!  Basking in the Arizona sun has weathered her back to pale beige in places, an effect known as 'Patina' . We love Dita's patina finish as it makes her completely unique, as far as we are aware Dita is the only Patina campervan currently available as a wedding car in the UK so if you want to stand out with something different well, there's no other campervans quite like Dita out there .

Image courtesy of Katie Ingram Photography


A variance in finish, commonly developing naturally over many years and often esteemed as being of ornamental value.