Fun facts about 1968, Dusty's birth year

.1. Madison Square Garden opened in New York

​ 2. Mauritius achieved independence from British rule

3. The film 2001: A Space Odyssey premiered in Washington D.C.

4. Surgeons in Paris performed the 1st ever heart transplant

5. Manchester United won the European Cup Final. The 1st ever English team to do so. 

6. Its a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong was the top selling single of the year in the UK

7. The Trade Descriptions Act came into force in the UK

8. The M1 motorway was completed

9. Daniel Craig & Kylie Minogue were born

10. John Cleese married fellow actor Connie Booth


Another all American girl this time hailing from the beautiful state of Oregon.  Dusty is a 1968 Bay Window Deluxe campervan, but you wouldn't know she's nearly fifty years old to look at her! 
Dusty's sparkling Lotus White paint is perfectly complimented by the chrome trims that tell those in the know she's an  extra special 'deluxe' model. If you're looking for a campervan with star quality then our Dusty is the girl for you. 
We all know it takes a lady a little time to look her best and lovely Dustys interior needed full refurbishment when we met her, thats now completed and Dusty matches Dita with beautiful biscuit upholstery and discreet LED lighting. Dusty has two bench seats allowing her to seat six passengers in comfort. 

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