About our VWs

Vintage Inspired are proud to introduce you to our vintage VW campervans Dita &Dusty, and our cabriolet beetle Dorian

​Dita rolled off the production line in 1971 and has never been painted since, these days that's a very rare and special thing. Her pastel white paint has weathered to a unique patina finish that makes her extra special. Dita's bespoke interior includes an integrated champagne bar and she can carry five passengers in comfort.

​If you prefer sparkling lotus white paint complimented by original chrome 'deluxe' trims then our 1968 campervan Dusty is the girl for you & she's a guaranteed showstopper. Dustys bespoke biscuit interior matches Dita's and they look great together. Dusty has two bench seats allowing her to carry six passengers. 

Last but not least our 1965 cabriolet beetle Dorian is pale, Fontana, grey with chrome deluxe trims and can seat three. 

For more details and pictures of each of our VWs please click on their names below;